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Connect DTLA is a licensed Real Estate Company. 

We're answering our most frequently asked questions. We understand getting cash back can sound too good to be true, we promise its not! 



Connect DTLA exists to make moving within luxury DTLA buildings easy and pain free. We love and live in DTLA and want you to love DTLA too. We have a pulse on the hottest new buildings with the most luxurious amenities. 


New buildings are popping up all over Downtown LA and they’re trying to fill up their vacancies fast. These new buildings typically offer their current tenants referral bonuses.

As a downtown LA real estate company, Connect DTLA makes a percentage of your total lease,of which we are happy to give cash back to our clients. View our Pay Out Details to see the cash back you will receive

How does this work?

Very easy! See a building you like on our site?

Take a tour with one of our reps for your first tour, and if you decide to lease a unit, we will cut you a separate check from us to you after you move in to help with your move in costs or lower your monthly payment.

Am I losing anything from using your company?

No. Using us will only help by adding extra money to your wallet.

Are there any fees for using you?


When do I get paid?

About 30 to 90 days after you move in, and once we have all the needed documents. Once we receive a check from the building we will send you a check. Please see our Pay Out for details.

What docs do you need from me?

As you go through the process with your leasing agent at the building we will be in communication with you and them. We will verify with them the lease amount and lease terms to help determine your payout. If the amount we are paying you is over $600, we will need a W-9 from you in order to issue you a 1099 at the end of the calendar year. The check will be made out to your name and sent to your new address.

Will this work for lease renewals?

No, first lease only at a new building.

What if I'm transferring units in the same building?

No, this process is for moving to a different building than the one you’re in.

How do you offer such a deal?

We have a relationship with these buildings in downtown la, and are giving you a portion of our commission.

Are you guys licensed?

Yes, we are licensed by the department of real estate. For the past 15+ years, we do sales and property management as well.

Do you give referral fees?

Yes, for a $100 after your friend signs the lease and moves in, plus your friend gets the great deal from us!

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